Amsterdam org starts YT channel


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Oh, this is fun. Please join!

Scientology Amsterdam started a YT channel to tell their side. Forgot to disable the comments

I put a comment below (Dutch):


which google translates to

Unfortunately, there is more to it. Former members are not only complaining about a course that did not suit you or something. Below is a link to a list of more than 3,000 former members. They are talking about:
- being put under severe pressure to pay large sums of money to Scientology for auditing as well as for the Ideal Org program (which mainly produces Idle Orgs)
- about "disconnection" where church members are forced by the church to no longer meet or speak to family members or former members who are critical (where the sancyie if you refuse is that you yourself will be excluded)
- about inhumane working hours for members of the Sea Org,
- on self-enrichment by David Miscavige, the leader,
- about long, sometimes even years of forced labor in the RPF, the "penal camp" of the Sea Org (and the RPF of the RPF because there is also one)
- about even forced abortions among female members of the Sea Org.

The list of horrors goes on and on.

Great when members of Scientology talk about how they benefit from their membership and good to share about it. However, also have an eye for the other side, which unfortunately you do not hear from Scientology.

(Curious how long this comment will remain.)

The link contains many links to further evidence such as "completions" (courses taken from publications of Scientology itself), to video, audio, swear statements, newspaper articles, blog posts etc. etc .: