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I have been writing about Scientology for about six years.

The one thing people ask me most about is something that I wrote a few posts on. I frankly felt after a couple posts about myself and my history that my history is, well, dull. I have not had great adventures or achievements. I have not ascended to the highest level of Scientology or spent time with celebrities, so to most Scientology watchers I think my experience is mostly run of the mill for a Scientologist.

I joined Scientology and spent twenty five years in the cult and like many people who aren't wealthy I joined Scientology staff several times, I briefly joined the Sea Org. I did several courses and spent hundreds, probably thousands, of hours in Scientology indoctrination. I felt my experience is not really even worth mentioning regarding things like fair game, sure OSA ran an operation to drive me to insanity or suicide, but I have friends who got it much, much, much worse. Scientology probably only targeted me for a few months, then when they realized I wasn't the person leaking information to the media they incorrectly assumed I was, they withdrew. It is hardly worth pointing out.

But, for whatever odd reason, the thing people ask me most about is my own experience. Go figure.

I think something that has now gained enough material to be written on is my experience AFTER Scientology. We can compare and contrast the time I spent in Scientology against the time after Scientology.

Maybe it will make more sense as I write it down. Maybe not.


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I am going to point out several unusual people who I have interacted with after leaving Scientology. I am going to start with one of the most unusual just because he stands out in my mind. You might not believe he exists or you might think I am exaggerating. I am not.

I am going to call him the Bear because he resembles a bear. He is about 6'4" tall or taller and perhaps 380 lbs. He has a giant frame and enormous arms and shoulders. His gut is one of the largest I have ever seen on a human being. He has a huge dark beard, either dark brown or black.

Bear works in a factory and he had a job as a filer. He worked in a filthy room that gets filled with dirt and filings from parts he worked on. Usually his arms and face could become filthy from the filing work he does. His shift is third, ten thirty PM to seven AM Sunday through Thursday night. Eight hours of work paired with a half hour unpaid lunch.

Bear has a few unusual traits. He was married years ago and has an ex and gets child support garnished from his pay. He has gone to court many times and represents himself.

Now, it is going to get progressively stranger. Bear told me he has turned in his driver's license and social security card. I asked him how he has identification. He told me he made his own identification card and got a notary to make it official and it required his name and an expiration date. He said he made the expiration date in the year 3000.

Bear told me he doesn't have a driver's license, automobile insurance or a bank account. I asked him how he can drive without a license or insurance. He told me his has a bond instead of insurance and that he has been pulled over by the police several times and had to spend several weekends in jail to then represent himself in court. He told me he has watched videos from anarchists and sovereign citizens on how to represent yourself if you don't have a driver's license.

He said his methods are successful and that he argues there is no legal definition for a driver and no legal definition for an operator regarding the law. In other words he presents these statements in court and it frustrates judges.

Bear described a judge getting fed up with his long arguments and walked out of the court. He said the judge told the bailiff he didn't want to see Bear in his court again and kicked him out. I asked him how many times the police have pulled him over. Bear said about twenty times.

He told me that now the police have been instructed to leave him alone. The local judges apparently are sick of dealing with him.

Now, we are going to move into the stranger aspects of Bear. He has a truck. I think it is beat up 1989 rusted out piece of crap. It looks like it is held together by rust.

Bear LIVES in his truck. He was living with his family according to several co-workers but he fights with his father and subsequently ended up living in his truck. It gets weirder, a lot weirder.

Bear started living in his truck several years ago. That is right, he has lived in his truck for years. I met him about three and a half years ago because I got a job at the same factory.

I trained for a couple months on first shift then moved to second shift and have been on second shift ever since, for over three years. I barely noticed Bear my first year of so because despite his being a mountain of a man we worked on different shifts at different opposite sides of the plant. We are almost as far apart as we can be and still be working in the building.

Then maybe a year and a half ago we got a new boss. I will give him his own description in time. Anyway we got a new boss and he pointed out to me that Bear lived in the parking lot and his truck was not moved in a year and a half because the engine failed or transmission needed replacement, something major. So, Bear literally spent a year and a half living in the truck through winter and summer. The winter in western New York is not mild. The summer is downright brutal.

I realized that on many days when I came into work at three P.M. he would be sleeping in his truck. My coworkers commented that he uses household garbage as his insulation. He usually has empty pizza boxes and miscellaneous garbage piled up next to him. He sleeps sitting up in the position most of us would drive in. I don't know how his back can take it. I don't know how he can take the cold in the winter or heat in the summer.

He was told to have his truck moved after years of it sitting in the same spot. Eventually the plant manager forced him to have the truck towed to a local garage and Bear got it repaired enough to run.

Bear now reportedly drives to a local Tim Horton's parking lot and sleeps there. He has been progressively spending more and more time in the parking lot at work in the last few months. People have speculated that the Tim Horton's employees have figured out that he is sleeping in their parking lot and discouraged him.

We have cameras on the outside of the building and I was told that one night Bear woke up, stepped out of his truck then urinated on the ground. He was facing TOWARDS the street, so anyone driving by would see him. He pissed and pissed making a huge puddle. It reportedly got bigger and bigger. Bear finished pissing then he WALKED THROUGH the puddle of piss he just created and got back in the truck and went back to sleep. That video is a big hit at work.

Now, we get to the truly outstanding feature of Bear. People have tracked this and kept meticulously detailed records for years. It is not an exaggeration. Bear doesn't change his clothes or bathe frequently. He has gone multiple months without changing his clothes or bathing.

I made the mistake of going into the bathroom to use a urinal after holding it in for hours. The bathroom is very far away from my work area and my job is very dirty, I get dirt, oil, grease and chemicals on myself and I have to scrub repeatedly to be clean enough to go to the bathroom. So, I often hold it in for a few hours because I don't want to waste a lot of time going back and forth to the bathroom and washing up over and over.

So, I held it in for hours and desperately had to go to the bathroom, really badly, and I walked in and went to the urinal and started going then Bear, after not washing for months, on a hot summer night walked into the bathroom, went into a stall and dropped his pants. The unbearable stench that hit me was abominable, nauseating and overwhelming. It was worse than raw sewage by a lot. People have said he smells like dogshit but dogshit smells like roses in comparison. I had to finish up because I had to go desperately and simultaneously had to fight back tears and the impulse to throw up. It was a unique experience. I never wanted to finish that badly before in my life.

People have remarked that Bear makes wings of the building stink. He once had to go into an office to give personal information to an office worker to fill out several forms. The woman that had to deal with him said she had to walk out of the office or she would have thrown up. She subsequently got supplies to remove the stench for her office and had to work to remove the stench he left with his visit. He was probably in the office for fifteen or twenty minutes. r

Bear doesn't bathe at times for three to six months. He seems to bathe and change over certain holiday weekends. We speculate that his mother requires that he bathes in order to attend Easter dinner and that she gets him a new shirt which he then wears for months.

Bear recently transferred to a different position. He still has his legendary odor. When the issue has been brought to the attention of management several times people have said it would be illegal to tell him to bathe. Umm...WTF?


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I feel something would be missing if I didn't mention Spanky. I know some people won't believe in Spanky or that any company, let alone multiple companies would never put up with Spanky, but he has his job today.

Spanky was a security guard at my job. The security guards are employees of an outside company and assigned to work in our building. Their schedules are not identical to ours. Sometimes they are in the building when we are not and sometimes they are there while we are. They are supposed to be in the building from three PM on to seven AM every day and also there all day on the weekends and whenever we are not in the building, so they are there twenty four hours a day on holidays.

Spanky was in our building from about ten PM to seven AM several nights a week. He was the guard on those nights for years before I was hired. I was at work for about a year and then people told me the simple truth. Spanky sat in a little office that is really a shack in front of the main entrance. It has a window and opening in front of it and a door at the side.

I was told Spanky masturbates in the guard shack. Yep. Masturbates in the shack at work. Routinely and regularly.

I at first thought perhaps a prank was being played on me to see how gullible I am. I have been the new guy at work many times and treated to a variety of deceptions. It is nothing new to me.

So, I was skeptical and figured that without evidence I would just ignore the claim. I put it out of my mind for some time.

Several months went by. Then something interesting happened. We have one woman on our shift at work. Spanky has shown a lot of interesting her at work and it didn't seem noteworthy. Lots of jobs have men who are interested in the women at work and if there is only one woman they focus all their attention on that one woman.

Our shift ends at midnight. I don't like standing in a line waiting for the shift to end, so I often wait until right before midnight and walk up right at midnight and then wash up in the bathroom and put my stuff away right at midnight so I don't have to wait in line, and I get to the timeclock at about four to seven minutes after midnight.

One night I get to the bathroom, everyone else leaves at midnight, I wash up and put my stuff away then walk up to the timeclock at about seven minutes after midnight. I am to the right of Spanky. I am approaching him from the side of his shack that has the door which is open. The door to the factory is to his left and the window to his shack is directly in front of him. Spanky is seated at his desk in a chair.

I approach and Spanky sees me out of the corner of his eye as I enter his peripheral vision. He freezes and puts both his hands on the desk in front of him and stares ahead silently, petrified and unwilling to move. I walk by after punching out and Spanky stares ahead hoping that I won't say anything. He is looking down in a panic.

I walked out and realized what happened. He was masturbating after the woman said goodbye to him because talking with her aroused him. He was masturbating under the desk and didn't consider the possibility that I might have stayed behind. He assumed everyone from my shift left together in a single cluster.

I caught him masturbating after that subsequently. I discussed the issue and found out that numerous other coworkers have caught him masturbating under the desk numerous times for years. He might have actually masturbated at work every day he worked for years.

Okay, now it gets...weirder. I know. It was weird.

Spanky was happily whacking away at work and he threw a monkey wrench into his monkey spanking. He has the job of letting in truck drivers who are getting freight and calling over the PA system to let a laborer (forklift operator) who is supposed to load the freight for the truck driver.

One day I was assigned to work at a job and at about quarter to eight I walked up to the bathroom to use it and a truck driver yelled, "is somebody going to fucking load me ?" I told him that I would tell my boss he needs to be loaded, since someone else was assigned to be the laborer that day. (We don't have a permanent laborer on second shift, so different people are assigned to be the laborer by management on a daily basis, each day they pick someone qualified and transfer them)

I found my boss and told him a truck driver is yelling for someone to load him. The laborer came over and loaded the truck. My boss saw that Spanky was not in his shack and further that Spanky's car was not in the parking lot. The boss reviewed the video of the parking lot and saw that Spanky at about seven fifteen got into his car and drive away. He didn't tell anyone he was leaving. The boss then stood in the parking lot and waited. Spanky came back at about right o'clock and the boss saw him get out of his car. The boss stood in front of Spanky and said simply "REALLY !?" Spanky said nothing, walked around the boss and sat down in the shed as if nothing happened.

A few weeks later Spanky again just wandered away in the middle of his shift for a half hour to forty five minutes and gave no notice or explanation. The boss was only aware because he was now watching Spanky closely. He made it a point to review the parking lot video and play it at high speed until something happened then he would replay it at normal speed. So, he could review hours of video in minutes as most of the time it is just cars sitting there unchanged.

Spanky was on the radar of management and wandering away just was too much. I imagined his boss telling him "look we need you masturbating in that shack ! No more wandering off ! Only beating off !"

A few weeks later Spanky finally wore out his welcome. He was in addition to being a chronic masturbator also chronically late often being forty five minutes to an hour and a half late. I think he was never on time in the three years we were both at work together.

He blamed a long commute on his tardiness. His employer moved him to a position closer to his home so he got rewarded for his behavior.

Subsequently I discussed him with several of his colleagues from the security company as they have assigned several other people since he was reassigned. I told them about his frequent masturbation at work and they told me has had a reputation for doing that at other assignments.

We now have a replacement for Spanky. This guy is from some Eastern European country or Ukraine or Russia. He has a mile thick accent and I can't understand a fucking word he says. He is also a non-bather. He smells ripe and might bathe once every week or two because why would you bathe every day ? Right ?

My boss calls the new guy "The commie". I have repeatedly told him it is extremely unlikely that this Eastern European non-bather is actually a communist, meaning a believer in and supporter of communism, particularly Marxism.

Many people nowadays have never lived under communism and if they did they never studied Marxism and no government to my knowledge has ever followed the ideas of Marx, certainly not in the Soviet Union or Russia. So, it is not likely he is a communist.

Anyway, the non-bather (Aka the commie) is supposed to let in truck drivers and call the laborer over the PA system. So, the laborer can drive up to the dock and load the truck. Unfortunately he was extremely reluctant to do this. Maybe he doesn't give a fuck, maybe he didn't understand what he was being asked to do. I don't know.

For several months I told people that Spanky was far better than his replacement. It's hard to explain to people that a guy who masturbates in public and wanders away is far better than his replacement. WHAT THE FUCK.

People laughed and pictured Spanky in the shack, one hand holding the phone to call the laborer and the other hand of course furiously masturbating under the desk. Yep.


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I have a coworker that I will call simply Audacious because he has audacity that is difficult to comprehend. He was at my job for perhaps a decade or so before me. He epitomizes the stereotype of a worker who feels entitled to do as little as possible and take as much as possible. Now he is surpassed in laziness by some. He is surpassed in stench by Bear. But overall his audacious behavior is not surpassed in my opinion.

Audacious was there long before me. He is in his sixties and has several notable qualities. He is like Bear a dedicated non-bather. At work we have noted people get into different scenes, some like the drug scene or drinking scene or the surfing scene or other subcultures. At work we have the non-bather scene. Lightweights might not bathe or change their clothes for a few days or a week. We have a few alcoholics and drug addicts and maybe give to ten guys are lightweight non-bathers.

Bear is the top dog regarding nauseating stench. He is to me in a league of his own because he can walk down a hallway and you can wait fifteen minutes then walk down the hallway and get overwhelmed by the foul, inhuman odor. You can stand forty feet away and feel safe then get a whiff and realize you are not far enough away.

But Audacious is the bronze medal winner. He has his own more understated wretched filth. For fans of sloth he holds a special place. Audacious doesn't bathe. As in he has not bathed for over a year. And he wears the same clothes every day.

Now, you might think that by not bathing longer Audacious would surpass Bear. But one thing will painfully disabuse you of that idea: the effect of being close to Bear or being in the bathroom when Bear drops his pants. UGH.

Don't get me wrong - in many companies Audacious would easily win the prize of filthiest and most disgusting and nauseating employee. But Bear is an all time great. What Hubbard is to lying Bear is to stench.

Where Audacious shines that Bear doesn't even register is laziness. Bear actually works. Bear might work seven hours in an eight hour day. He gives a fair day's work for his pay.

Audacious ? Not a chance. When he has been the laborer he has sometimes only loaded the trucks which is about ten percent of the job and simply neglected all the other duties of the job. The laborer is supposed to empty about forty garbage cans. Empty a few hoppers of garbage and a few hoppers of metal chips from the machine shop and to put wood into a wood dumpster and a few other duties.

Audacious doesn't do work. On many days he gives an hour or two of work max. Many days he is sleeping by five thirty and snoring away. Some days he does zero work. NOTHING.

One day the first shift supervisor told him to sweep the back warehouse and the supervisor then left. We didn't have a second shift supervisor for about six months. Audacious had no other work at all for the day. (I have swept the warehouse before. If it is in terrible shape it takes two hours. If it is in good shape you might polish it off in twenty minutes. On an average day it is an hour job.) Audacious didn't sweep the warehouse or do any other work of any kind and he was asleep by four thirty.

When the first shift supervisor asked him "what happened yesterday, I asked you to sweep the warehouse? " Audacious responded "I forgot." He had no other work for the entire day. He had one task and said he forgot. The boss walked away.

I realized there is something very fucked up going on

We finally got our current boss and he got to deal with Audacious. One day Audacious was the laborer and of course he parked the forklift right in front of the boss's office and promptly fell asleep. The boss heard Audacious snoring away and came out. He woke up Audacious and told him he can't sleep right in front of the office. He told him to "at least go in the back and hide."

Audacious was offended by being woken up. He needs his sleep after all ! He told several people he couldn't believe the nerve of the boss in daring to wake him up !

In addition to not bathing Audacious also has another nonhygenic habit. He urinates in nontraditional places. He works in a few places. In one testing area there is a huge area with drains in the floor. It also has a sink, like the slop sink you find in a janitor's closet.

Audacious sometimes pisses in the sink and sometimes pisses directly on the floor, letting it run into the drains. Several people have described walking into the work area and catching him on his toes pissing in the sink or just pulling it out and pissing on the floor. The new boss remarked on catching Audacious and telling him "tell me I just didn't see you pissing in that sink" of course Audacious denied it. Because he IS AUDACIOUS !

There are two areas Audacious works in. In one area I described his behavior. In the other oil is used and a special drain runs across the floor and it collects oil into a reservoir.

One day after several years of being filled the reservoir was ready to be drained. Spanky of course gave it his personal touch. He had been pissing in the reservoir rather than walk all the way across the factory to the bathroom. The reservoir is maybe two hundred feet from the bathroom and the room where the oil work is done is separate from the entire factory, so you don't even see the room unless you need to work in there. Usually only one person per shift has any work in there because the job only requires one person. So, you are alone the entire time.

An outside company comes to drain the reservoir. They found that the oil had two substances. It should only have had one. It had a layer of a foot of piss on top of several feet of oil. Yep.

Spanky pissed in the reservoir for years and it built up to a fucking foot of piss. It required special testing from an outside company to determine how toxic the loss was and what procedures had to be used to handle it. It probably cost a few thousand dollars to test alone.

One day Audacious went out for a medical issue. He tried to return but the company said we don't have any light duty. The doctor cleared him only for light duty. He demanded that the company let him return. They again refused.

He got a lawyer and is now reportedly suing to get his job back. He has no basis for a discrimination suit. He is a white man and around sixty but the company doesn't discriminate based on age. They hired my partner at fifty nine or so and he has been there fifteen years. They hired several new people recently who are over sixty. They have a significant number of employees over fifty and several over sixty and have had several reach seventy. But, he is after all Audacious.


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Okay, we covered the non-bather elite in Audacious and Bear and the chronic masturbator in Spanky and his replacement.

Now we move to a different level. Stoned Jesus is not as noxious and toxic as the non-bather elite or as disgusting as Spanky but he has his own special appeal.

Stoned Jesus got his nickname years ago when he had long hair and obviously smoked pot all the time. Think of a guy who gets baked every day and said yes to every drug he ever saw with the possible exceptions of heroine, meth and crack. He dropped acid, took quaaludes and thorazine. He probably took any psychotropic pill he could get his hands on.

Stoned Jesus told me about dozens of his personal stories. Most involve intoxication and embarrassment. Stoned Jesus is about sixty and told me has needed five doubles to be able to go to sleep for forty years. He told me he told his doctor how much he drinks and the doctor told him no one could survive consuming that much alcohol. He has joked often about doing a lot of experimenting on his body with drugs, meaning taking as many as he could whenever he could. I told him that when they perform his autopsy they will probably find trace amounts of cocaine as was found in the autopsy of another drug user.

Stoned Jesus has some unusual habits. Sometimes he has to assemble and disassemble things at work. He has zero patience and if he say drops a bolt or cannot get a nut loose he simply SCREAMS a variety of terms such as CUNT, BITCH, WHORE, MOTHERFUCKER and so on. Often when he is working he throws a fit and SCREAMS WHORE, WHORE, WHORE YOU FUCKING WHORE I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU !!!! Or simply replace whore with cunt or bitch and you have the idea. He might scream this line a hundred or so times a night, on average. On a bad day he might scream it five hundred times.

When I say scream, I mean scream. He has screamed in a room with the doors closed and had people about a thousand feet away hear him and go to see if he was okay, because they have never heard anything like that before. They were in a different building.

I find it amusing when a boss from day shift stays and hears Stoned Jesus screaming for the first time, because they always are stunned, then check on him, then realize this is normal for our shift and that is why everyone else either ignores it or laughs. They are always disturbed.

When we got our new nightshift supervisor Stoned Jesus decided to train him. The new boss had just started. One day I was the laborer and was assigned a bunch of projects including shoveling some area, putting something away and moving something outside. I the next day was assigned to a different job and told Stoned Jesus about the projects from the day before so he would know what to expect if they gave him the same tasks or similar ones.

The new boss walked up and before he could say a word Stoned Jesus listed the three tasks by saying "I am not going to do X, or Y and just forget about Z." The new boss had his jaw drop and he was stunned. He walked away.

Stoned Jesus was find of NFL football and often would leave at lunchtime to go home and watch Monday night football. Sometimes games are also on Thursday night and he would leave for these games as well. For a really but game he would skip the entire shift.

After a few months of this someone talked to him and he started staying every night. But he would watch the game on his phone in the back.

Several times our new boss would add him to do work and Stoned Jesus would object if there was a Monday or Thursday night football game on. One day the boss tried to assign him a task and he protested that the NFL draft is in tonight.

The boss said he would object to work if cross dressing tiddlywinks was on. It might be true.

One notable thing that happened with Stoned Jesus was that one day he was sitting in the back of the warehouse and an upper executive walked back there unexpectedly. The executive spotted a cold beer with foam bubbling up on too of the can, as if it was just opened. Stoned Jesus claimed it must have been from someone on day shift. They may have left an hour or two earlier and that beer was just opened but why let the facts get in the way. The executive ultimately let the whole thing get swept under the rug. It should have resulted in an investigation and drug test, which Stoned Jesus would have failed. But not here.

I think Stoned Jesus was emboldened by this free pass for drinking. I think he figured if the management would give him a free pass on openly drinking then they would let almost anything go as long as he showed up every day.

Stoned Jesus was not attending to a machine he was operating one day and he was talking to me. He went to go back into the room running the machine and I noticed a pool of oil coming out from the doorway and that it was moving at a noticeable pace. I asked Stoned Jesus if this was normal and he said no. He opened the door to the room.

If you have ever seen a fire hydrant get hit by a car and the gushing out of water that is what was happening but instead of water it was oil hitting the ceiling and walls. Apparently a seal failed during the test of the machine and this caused all the oil to come out at one point and to blast hundreds or thousands of gallons of oil straight up.

I asked Stoned Jesus if he wanted me to get the new boss. He said yes. I went and told the new boss that I had to show him something. He asked what. I said you need to see it. He came out and got to see the oil spread out everywhere and the walls and ceiling covered with oil. This was a good example of what he would get to deal with.

Stoned Jesus was ultimately blamed for the spill as he wasn't in the room. Now there is a rule that a person running one of these machines cannot leave the room during the test.

Stoned Jesus has had lots of other misadventures. He honestly could just have a television show that uses his life for all the plots.


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Okay, now we have the disturbing story of Chinese Bubblebath. He has a lot of health problems, personal problems and issues. I am not trying to ridicule him. I will just present a few facts and let the chips fall where they may.

People have asked what life is like after Scientology. Here it is. Here are the people you meet. The real people.

Chinese Bubblebath has a weight issue. I am not making fun of him or blaming him or claiming to be better. None of that.

He is around four hundred and twenty five pounds at maybe six feet tall. He looks like he has always been but and never exercised a day in his life.

He has numerous health problems and has trouble walking and many health issues. He misses a lot of time at work for health issues and tells people all about them rather they ask or not.

Two co-workers recently told me that when they walked in he came up and frantically told them "I am bleeding out of my dick and asshole." What you always want to hear when you walk in for the day.

To understand Chinese Bubblebath a bit you might need to understand his diet. He drinks probably six twenty ounce bottles of Coca Cola plus two two liter bottles each day. He also eats a lot. He has reportedly eaten fifty chicken wings at a sitting.

The important thing about his diet is that if you drink that much soda it makes it so you will not go to the bathroom like a normal person. You will have a liquid fall out when you go to the bathroom with chunks interspersed. It will resemble oil falling out with chili mixed in. In other words it will be a black thick liquid that pours like water with chunks.

Why do you need to know this? Because with everyone at work knowing this Chinese Bubblebath told us something disturbing. Something deeply personal.

He told his co-workers that when you are as big as he is your balls hang into the toilet and go into the water. Yes.

He calls his oversized balls hanging into the black shit-filled water Chinese Bubblebath.

People have wondered if they have a line on them like the waterline on a boat that is where it hits the water. They are convinced his balls are brown from that spot down.

People want to know what life after Scientology is like, okay, sure, here you go.


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Nothing, ah Nothing.

I absolutely could not write adventures in Idiocy without Nothing. It would be a crime to leave out Nothing.

Nothing has a special place in life. He bathes. He has a different unique achievement.

He often does no work at all for weeks or months at a time. When I say no work I don't mean a little work or one hour of work. I mean zero. NOTHING.

People have marveled are seeing him come in, sit down and start looking at his phone and watched him simply do no work of any kind whatsoever to any degree for the entire day, day after day, week after week.

They speculate that he has blackmail materials on the upper management. Maybe he knows about a law they are breaking or has pictures of One of them cheating on his wife or molesting a child. No one knows what he has for sure but he can come in and do no work at all for months.

Several people have noticed that work gets sent to other work centers and his area is not even on the schedule, meaning no work is planned to come out of his area, yet he sits there. Sometimes he even gets overtime and just sits there on his phone. He looks at it for the entire day on Saturday. Just like and other day.

One day Nothing came in at eleven thirty when his shift starts at seven and was asked to stay until five thirty. He would have produced nothing whether he was there or not. Time is irrelevant when you don't do anything at all.

He was outraged that he was asked to stay.

People say he somehow cracked the Matrix and zeroed out the system. He is looked at with a combined of awe envy and disgust.

Whatever anyone thinks of him and however he got there one thing is clear, he does nothing.


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Ah Dark. This really would be incomplete without Dark.

After the non-bather elite and non-worker prodigy, the chronic masturbator and the alcoholic burnout and the simply strange what is left? Well, Dark.

Dark is on a different wavelength than the others. I have found that if you simply let people tell you about themselves and don't judge them and don't betray their confidence they tend to open up to you. Even if they don't like you if they feel that you won't betray their secrets they will tell you.

They can tell you little things then as they are you are not gossiping with their personal information and they see that you only share things that are not given to you in confidence they open up more and more. Eventually they tell you things they don't tell anyone else including their spouse.

So, I met Dark and he was new at work. I talked to him a bit but at first resisted opening up to him.

He kept trying to break the ice and I decided to tell him three classic jokes. These are three jokes I heard about twenty five years ago from a guy who was sixty five then. So, the jokes are old.

Here they are. They are a bit old and offensive.

The first is a story. A young man got a job in a ship that goes fishing for months at a time before coming back.

The young guy is at sea for a couple weeks and one day he is in the deck working and an old timer asks him how he is doing. He says okay. The old timer asks how he likes it. He says it is okay but asks if they ever go and get prostitutes because he is getting horny. The old guy says, yeah, I know what you mean, but we use that barrel. The young guy looks at a barrel and the old guy says to stick your dick in the barrel. The young guy thinks it is a joke and blows it off.

That night the young guy is sitting in his bunk and decided to give it a try. He sticks his dick in the barrel and it feels good. Next thing you know he is going to the barrel every night.

A couple weeks later he runs into the old timer. He says "Hey, I thought you were fucking with me, but I tried the barrel and now I use it every night! It's great!" The old timer says "good, good" the young guy says "Hey, what's in the barrel anyway?"

The old timer says "You will find out next Tuesday" the young guy says "what is happening next Tuesday?"

The old timer says "Your turn in the barrel."

The second joke is also a story.

A man is on a flight to photograph beautiful young women for Sports Illustrated on a remote island. The plane goes way off course and crashes on a remote island. Only the man and six beautiful models survive the crash.

They have no radio or phones that work. They have access to clean water and enough fish and plants to survive indefinitely.They won't starve or die of exposure.

But they rapidly realize that they are stuck.

At first they don't know what to do but then they decide the fair thing to do is have each woman get one night a week with the lone man. At first he thinks it is wonderful. For two months he is thrilled.

Then competition ensues and the women are each trying to get the most possible out of him on their night each week. They have to go six days without sex and he doesn't. After two more months he is thrilled a bit less. Two more months go by and he is worn out.

One day he is walking along and he sees smoke so he rushed towards it. He sees a man coming onshore and a ship that was smoking sinks under the waves.

The new man comes out of the water and looks shaken. His face tells the story. He knows his ship is lost and he is trapped.

The other man says "man am I glad to see you, I want you to know we have clean water, food and there are six beautiful girls here. Listen, they are great and have been wearing me out for months. They are going to love you and I need the break. Come on and I will introduce you to the girls, you are gonna love them."

The new man says "forget about the girls big boy, what's your name? " The other man replies "There go my Sundays."

The third joke. It is a bit dated and I think it was originally seen as racist but we can make the tribesmen any race. The point is they are isolated from modern civilization and not that anything about them is race based, because it is not. They don't have modern customs and don't have behavior determined by race, it's determined by the culture and being isolated. Any men could develop this behavior in isolation.

The story is that two men were exploring in the jungle and were captured by primitive tribesmen. They are tied to poles and carried away by dozens of spear wielding natives. They are terrified they will be eaten by cannibals.

They get carried to the chief and he has them set down and to their amazement he knows English. He says I am the chief.

They say, "thank God. This is a big mistake, we are explorers and" the chief cuts them off "shut up, I have one question for you - death of unga bunga?"

They try to ask him what is unga bunga and he cuts them off and repeats the question "death or unga bunga?"

One of the explorers decides whatever unga bunga is it has to be better than death. He says "I choose unga bunga." The chief says "unga bunga" and throws the man down on a big rock that he uses as a table and he fucks the man in the ass. He finishes up and the man is laying there, bleeding out of his ass, tears rolling down his face and he is in shock.

The other explorer sees this and says "Fuck that, tell my family I died bravely, I choose death. " The chief says okay, death BY unga bunga " and the entire tribe lines up and takes turns fucking the guy until he is dead. Death by unga bunga.

Those three jokes kind of let you get a feel for what is going to be acceptable for someone. If they cringe and are uncomfortable with these jokes, remember it. Watch what you say.

If they love them remember that.

So, I told Dark these ice breakers to feel him out. He was feeling me out too. He realized after a while that nothing was off limits with me, or very little, and he opened up.

Over a few months he developed trust in me.

Then out came the Dark.

He is on a different wavelength than me. He is into different things. Way beyond dirty jokes.

One day we somehow got around to discussing the 2017 mass shooting in Los Vegas by Stephen Paddock of over five hundred people. I asked Dark what could motivate someone to do that. I think we had been discussing how most people get desires for revenge and restrain ourselves but I asked how Stephen Paddock could shoot hundreds of strangers who are just regular people. They were not targeted by political parties or race or religion.

They seemed to be victims who could be from any background and he just wanted to kill as many people as possible. I wondered why.

That's where Dark revealed himself. Without missing a beat he took his hand and mimicked jerking off. I said "huh?" And he said "it's the ultimate rush, the moment right before you pull the trigger."

I asked him I thought there was a sexual element for Stephen Paddock. Dark responded that it is the ultimate rush. His answer made it clear he doesn't consider it the ultimate rush for Stephen Paddock but instead considers it the ultimate rush for himself. Yep.

Over time he has elaborated that his ultimate fantasy is to have sex with a beautiful woman and to shoot her at the very end to heighten his climax. I was shocked. I told him most people are happy to have sex with an attractive woman. He said anyone can fuck. He acted like it is superior to add the homicide to heighten the experience.

I have asked him about it to see if he is pulling my leg. He isn't. He sees the killing as the ultimate fantasy and has told me that he wishes he had become a marine sniper as a young man and that he would have loved spending decades shooting people. He is not motivated by patriotism and could care less about politics. He flat out wishes to be able to kill people without consequences and is an avid fan of sexual sadism.

He has been very up front about these things and very consistent. With most people he hides it and says that they cannot handle it.

So, I hope that I described the world after Scientology for anyone who has asked. Here you go.

Harden Long

OSA no esta hermOSA
So now I understand you better.
I worked at a similar factory during my Scientology days with lots of similarly interesting characters.
But now I understand how you come up with so much complexity in terms of thoughts and perspectives to narrate about.
You work in a time vacuum of monotony at work and your mind freewheels on the various concepts from the books you read. It's often difficult to fathom as a reader due to the mental gymnastics it take to follow the mountain of concepts that you detail in such great detail.
When I worked the similar job in the 70's I preoccupied myself in the game of one-upmanship of pranks that we played on each other to break up the exact same monotony.
I remain infamous for the stunts I pulled such as drawing a most lifelike caricature of a co-worker in the bottom of a toilet bowl with a black magic marker so it would look like the guy was eagerly slurping down a turd through his gaping mouth every time the bowl was flushed. Half the shop was soon lined up outside the john to take their turn.
Or the time another worker and friend had converted to radical Born again Christiality, so I hid in a large cavity in the commercial oven he was working on with a red devil mask on and a cutting torch. When he returned from break I turned on the torch gas and lit it just as he turned around and all he saw was the devil with the flames of hell reaching out for him and took off running.
You and I had similar lives but different ways of dealing with the monotony. I never read my Scientology or similar books at work as I'd have had to take too much shit for it. Assimilate, or at least pretend to was the word for those days.