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What has Alanzo done now, Veda?

Him and Corey didn't much like it when I started fact-checking some of their more questionable claims about KDLC and Mike Rinder in their Facebook Channel "Scientology Exposé". Both of them blocked me (months ago) to prevent me from doing that any further.
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Veda, is there a purpose to this thread other than to discuss Alanzo? If so, I'm afraid I can't see it.
Scientology, through its witting accomplices, or unwitting dupes, likes to confuse and/or trick people. This is some background. The posts below lead to another thread.

ILove2Lurk, do you recall the timeline comparison you made of Mike Rinder's views re. Hubbard from Dec 2012, compared with March 2014? It was quite illuminating.

The below linked post contains those quotes, plus a quote from Marty Rathbun from slightly before he became Miscavige's hand puppet. (Alanzo, who has a case of delayed Stockholm Syndrome or ?, chimes in also.)

At the top is a quote from Marty Rathbun from the time shortly before he was "handled" by Miscavige.

In the span of one year and four months, Mike Rinder had gone from insisting that Hubbard did not know (fill in a variety of despicable and/or criminal acts), to Hubbard knew (fill in the same).

In slightly over a year he, and Marty also, went from covering for Hubbard to no longer covering for Hubbard.

Both Rathbun and Mike Rinder both went through changes and phases.

The old Rathbun saw the light then was crushed thread, from original ESMB, was made into Hubbard's Modus Operandi thread.

There are at least four distinct and different Marty Rathbuns and three distinct and different Mike Rinders.

Mike Rinder broke free, and Marty seems to have also briefly, then was overwhelmed by the cult and its giant piggy bank.
He's not "back in the fold," he's "doing a Bernie," much as Alanzo is.

What does that mean? Years ago, there was someone known as "Bernie" was posed as a "reasonable critic." He job was to undermine real critics, while appearing to be also a critic of Scientology.

If old ESMB's search functions worked I'd find the relevant content and link it for you.

Scientology Inc. hires people. It also blackmails people.

It's not necessary to be "in the fold."