ABC 2020 Scientology and Ron Miscavige tells life with his son, thrilling escape


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Must see Leah Remini opens the show ~~ sizzling.
It took 6 months of careful planning to ESCAPE the hell called INT BASE where staff are under lockdown and cannot pass the security guard to leave. Ron tells his escape and discusses insider anecdotes. Hilariously, the cult describes the campus at Int Base as a "worker's paradise!"

Ron Miscavige reveals that his daughter in law David Miscavige's *wife* the missing Shelly Miscavige will never be allowed to leave the church. (She was last seen in 2005)

Because the cult of Scientology has no PR spokesman, the woman who's eyes flutter upwards in David Miscavige's Lawyer Monique Yingling, a tax lawyer who's expertise is the IRS. Monique Yingling who makes some $3 million a year on cult payroll has worked for the cult for some 30 years. I mirror important videos to my channel. Some of you might have missed the airing. It is a timeless classic for Scientology *watchers.*

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