Aaron Smith-Levin and his run for Office for Clearwater City Council


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'Taking a Stand for Clearwater'​
Hello everyone!

This is Aaron Smith-Levin, Vice President of the Aftermath Foundation.

If you’re receiving this email it’s because you have contacted the foundation in the past to offer help to those leaving Scientology.

The support of our volunteers is what makes the Aftermath Foundation possible. Although you don’t always hear about it, the Foundation is helping people leave Scientology every single week, and that would not be happening without all of you. THANK YOU!

I wanted to personally let all of you know that, as the Vice President of the Aftermath Foundation, as of Thursday, September 16th, I am now officially a candidate for Clearwater City council.

My goal is to give elected politicians in the US congress the courage to publicly demand the IRS review and revoke Scientology’s tax-exempt status.

We have to SHOW politicians that being opposed by and fought by Scientology is not something to be afraid of. We have to SHOW them that the more Scientology opposes you the more the public supports you.

We have to SHOW them that Scientology doesn’t have the membership or the influence to derail a politician’s career, keep someone from being elected or keep someone from being re-elected (after all, isn’t that what most politicians seem to care about??)

I am going to be running an in-your-face campaign saying “I run a foundation that helps people escape from Scientology. I live 5 minutes from where David Miscavige lives and works. Not only is Scientology so small, weak and ineffective that can’t get any of their OWN members elected to the council, but they can’t even keep a big bad SP like me from being elected to the council in the town where they have their BIGGEST org. It’s time for politicians everywhere to stop being afraid of this organization and start taking action!”

Elections are in six months on March 15th. I would love to be able to keep all of you updated on my campaign. I hope you will join me on this journey.

I uploaded a 17-minute video outlining the goal of my campaign. You can see that here:

Getting Scientology's Tax Exemption Revoked

One way everyone can help my campaign is simply to help me spread the word.

My campaign website is www.AaronForClearwater.com.

The donation page is www.AaronForClearwater.com/donate.

Thank you all again SO MUCH for the support you’ve provided to the Aftermath Foundation and thank you all for anything you can do to help me with my campaign.


Aaron Smith-Levin​


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Support Aaron Smith-Levin for Clearwater City Council -- AaronForClearwater.com



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Aaron Smith-Levin is fighting to change the perception of Clearwater.

“I’m running for City Council because Scientology is waging a war against the City of Clearwater and we need leaders who understand that and are willing to do something about it. Other candidates are either too afraid of Scientology or too uninformed about what Scientology is actually doing, to stand up to them. That is why I’m running. To stand up for Clearwater.”

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Aaron had a twin brother.
Most people acknowledge the special closeness of twins.
Cult disconnection law parted them.
Then an awful car crash which killed his brother
before reconciliation.
Death is so irreversible.
Aaron has personally experienced the trauma of the cult life
He was full time staff at Philadelphia org at 12 years old. Then Sea Org.


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All power to Aaron's campaign!

The city of Clearwater has a simple choice.


To be Clearwater--the lovely seaside town of families and businesses and happy tourists.

Or. . .

To be a hapless puppet being inexorably strangulated by a viciously toxic criminal cult that for decades has been using all its lies, dirty tricks, thuggery and billions of dollars to drive all "homo sapiens DBs" out of downtown Clearwater.

The decision. To elect brilliant resident of Clearwater who loves the city or to hope that the COS (Crimewave of Scientology) can be stopped by pacification, not saying anything negative about them and obeying all their orders and commands.

If Clearwater residents don't want to mentally ill, criminal and fanatical cult members to steal their city, It's not actually politics, it's the citizens of Clearwater vs organized crime. The city of New York once had the same existential crisis and problem versus the mafia and had infiltrated and dominated and terrorized their city for three quarters of a century, virtually the same amount of time that Scientology has been running it's religious rackets.

What an extraordinary opportunity for Clearwater residents to pull their vote levers in favor of Aaron and by doing so save their beloved town!



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Aaron has a real gift for cutting right to the factual core of every perplexing Scientological issue:

"In my case, it shows the ENTIRE country
wants to see Scientology get its ass kicked"




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Letter to Tampa Bay Times today

Aaron Smith-Levin
8h ·

Letter to the Editor- Tampa Bay Times- September 22, 2021
Link: https://www.tampabay.com/.../what-has-president-biden.../
Ask the hard questions
I appreciate the accuracy of Aaron Smith-Levin’s comments about Scientology in his bid for a seat on Clearwater’s City Council. I commend him for saying that he wants to push the Internal Revenue Service to review and revoke the church’s tax exemption. As a retired Lutheran pastor, I have publicly stated that Scientology does not fit the acceptable description of a church entity which preaches the word of God (understood to be the Old and New Testaments of the Bible) and offers, at a minimum, the two sacraments of Holy Baptism and the Eucharist (Holy Communion). Scientology does neither of these things. Instead, it practices no sacraments, and its “scriptures” are the writings of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.
When the IRS granted Scientology its current status as a “church,” I believe that decision was a horrendous mistake. It has shielded the organization from being taxed like any other non-religious organization. It has led to what Councilmember Mark Bunker boldly proposed in May 2020 “that the city ask the FBI to investigate Scientology for racketeering related to recent downtown property purchases made with $99 million in cash.” We need more city councilmembers to demand transparency, truthfulness, and cooperation from Scientology if it is going to be a valued partner in Clearwater’s present and future.
John Hayner, Clearwater


I can't directly donate. But if he would release some sort of merch online, say a coffee mug or shirt... then I guess I would be able to purchase it and it wouldn't violate the Florida laws.

Or would it?:scratch:

Is there a lawyer in the house? Hello?


Hate to say "I told you guys so!" but I did. Declaring CST &WISE as 'undesirable' may be a bit annoying for Davey and it might be the first step towards kicking scn out of Russia, but we aren't there yet.

In short: churches of Scientology and the "dianetics institutes" are alive and wel and won't be affected much by WISE or CST issues. They will find other ways to funnel cash back stateside.