A peek inside my story - My So Called "Crazy" Life: A True Story of an Escaped Scientologist

Hi! When is the audio book coming out? will it be on Audible?
Hello, Thank you for our inquiry. Seeing as I newly released the book with actual names, I need to begin over on the audio recording. I am unable to get a professional recording done, as I do not have the funds, and no one is reaching out to make an effort to help me on this. So, am recording with basic features and doing the recording and editing myself. This is all new to me, so am taking a little longer than expected. As well, just had a serious bout of the flu, so am hoping to resume this soon. Thank you for caring and your interest. In the meantime, I am just running a free promo on the kindle book, through the Amazon website. 2 days left for the free kindle version. Unless people want to purchase it, to assist my audible campaign, lol. Up to them. Best wishes, Aurora


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I would offer a suggestion: Speak a bit slower. There's a bit of mushiness, where things runs together, I think speaking slower would improve the clarity.