“Most Scientologists are Christian”??? Wait, What? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ray Cassano’s Identity Crisis


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“Most Scientologists are Christian”??? Wait, What? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ray Cassano’s Identity Crisis


Confront and Shatter: Ray Cassano’s Identity Crisis

Ray Cassano’s Identity Crisis


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Aaron Smith-Levin, soon-to-be candidate for a seat on Clearwater City Council has another excellent video on YouTube.

Not far into the program Aaron shows a brief clip of Clearwater Downtown Development Board member and real estate developer Ray Cassano announcing that he is “a Scientologist and a Christian”.

“Most Scientologists are Christian”.

Cassano’s statement highlights either a systemic Scientology identity crisis or (more likely) a deliberate hijacking of Christianity purely for Public Relations.

Perhaps it’s both.

Scientology is not a religion.

They are not a “charitable” organization.

Neither are they in any way compatible with mainstream Christian ideology.​

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Another one of the "bright ideas" that Scn management has tried and failed with.

Positioning itself vs. Christianity.
Hey everyone! We're Christians just like. you!​
Hey everyone! We've got a cross!​
Hey everyone! Jesus was a Clear!​
Hey everyone! We have buildings we call "churches"!​
Hey everyone! We have sacred scripture!​
Hey everyone! We have Sunday sermons!​
Hey everyone! We do marriages and funerals!​

HOW IT WORKS: Well, it doesn't. But here is how it is supposed to work. The concept is simple--"We are just like you and you are just like us!"

WHY IT DOESN'T WORK: Because most people are not stupid and they can transparently see that Scientologists are very very very bad at lying. Add to that the fact that people get the weirded-out heebie jeebies when talking to Scientologists or seeing them on the internet euphorically spewing miraculous wins.

Even the best actor in Scientology (Tom Cruise) cannot act normal. Whenever he got in front of a video cam to pitch the world on Scientology he was not even capable of "acting" normal. Doubt it? Take a look again at Cruise's meltdown with Mat Lauer where Tom went all militant commando on a morning happy-talk show. Or the time he went all moviestar messiah in front of Scientology auditoriums filled with enraptured cult members. Or the time he put on his black turtleneck and unleashed all kinds of creepy about how he was the only person in the world who could help people at the scene of a car accident, and many more bizarre "r-factor" that people are still laughing at a decade later.

One more reason the public doesn't buy the "WE'RE REALLY CHRISTIANS!" gimmick. Because virtually everyone in the world has internet access, so they KNOW that Scientologists actually believe. Thus, when a Scn celebrity sets up a Christmas tree in their living room with lots of presents underneath, everyone knows that there are some Hubbard books in there with passages about "pulling the air cover off the planet" and "837 quadrillion year old Gorilla Goal Implant" and other outrageously cringey crappy science fiction.