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  1. Xenu Xenu Xenu

    Hare Krishna,147003 I apologize for all their “change ups” which is stealing… the compromising principles in order to bring in money…. for them hiding that they were devotees on sankirtan…. for how they mislead people with wrong definitions and obvious untruths…...
  2. Xenu Xenu Xenu

    Hare Krishna

    This was a 45 (remember them?), from the summer of 1970 and part of an album produced by George Harrison. He plays acoustic guitar on it somewhere, or so I've read. At the time, Rolling Stone Magazine gave it a favourable review. The writer said that it reminded him of the Moody Blues or King...
  3. Xenu Xenu Xenu

    Hare Krishna

    As one of the world's most fanatic Beatle's fan; I gotta say I never understood just where George Harrison stood with this cult. He helped them out financially and in other ways but was he ever a member? He never had to shave his head, he messed around a bit with women, smoked, had the...