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    A fact based world

    Contrary to popular opinion, the world is getting "better".
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    Legalized Marijuana - Scientology and Drugs

    This may be too far "off topic" but Scientology has a LOT to say about drugs and alcohol. In the 1960's and 1970's a lot of the hippy crowd left psychedelics behind and contributed to a rapid growth period of Scientology. If P&B wishes he or I can delete the thread. Anyhow, in this 2020...
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    A treatise about the Occult origins of Scientology by George M. White

    This was posted on Mike Rinder's blog on January 27, 2020. (Posted here in three sections since the forum limits individual posts to 40,000 characters.)
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    The hidden brain in your skin - Claudia Aquirrel - TEDxUCLA

    This video popped up after something else I was watching and I watched it. I couldn't help but relate it to some parts of scientology. At 9:25 she mentions that an out of body experience is sometimes caused by a "gentle touch" stimulating some part of the brain. At 15:00 she mentions that the...
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    Dictionary of the Secret Language of Scientology
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    The 1970 Scientology Classification Gradation and Awareness Chart

    Of note would be that Dianetic auditing came before Scientology auditing and the supposed EPs, End Phenomena are explicitly stated.
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    Is there a place to enter a brief scientology biography so it doesn't need to be repeated? In other words, I participated in scientology from 1975-1982 so my perspective is different than that of someone who left later. Anyhow, hello.
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    Hubbard and the Buddha

    Did L. Ron Hubbard really believe he had been the Buddha in a past life or was that just another one one his tall tales? If he did believe he was the Buddha, here's a story about how that might have come about. Years ago I was playing around with a Walter Mitty fantasy. For those unfamiliar...