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    ESMBR - 2nd year anniversary

    Year 2 of ESMBR about to wrap up. Any help in covering the server costs for the next year of would be appreciated. PM me for details. Thank you for your support!
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    Schizopolis (1996)

    A strange offbeat comedy that pokes fun at our favorite cult. The complete movie:
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    Heaven's Gate documentary

    A 4 part documentary on Heaven's Gate is available to watch for free on flixtor for a limited time. Watch Episode 1
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    Fundraising - 1st anniversary of ESMBR

    We're coming up on the one year anniversary of ESMBR. I am not going to put up a public donation button. If any of you would like to help with the costs of keeping the board up and running please PM me. Thank you!
  5. PirateAndBum

    Four Decades In Scientology - Sarita Shoemaker

    I found Sarita's podcasts after listening to Mike & Leah's new podcast. Her story begins in 1974 at the age of 7. At 14 joining the Sea Org. Eventually escaping the Int base. Four Decades in Scientology Podcast
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    Board was down

    The server hosting our site had some sort of malfunction. I'm waiting for more information on why.
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    Overheard in the Freezone

    I don't know where Tony O finds these tidbits from the Indies but they are priceless. I thought I'd collect them up here.
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    ESMB - Thank you Emma

    With ESMB closing just minutes ago, I want to express again my thanks to Emma for creating and keeping ESMB going for 12 years. Those of you that have arrived here from ESMB, I'm so glad to have you here to continue the spirit that was ESMB, Cheers!
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    The Three Basic Scientology Beliefs - Belief #3

    Belief Three This can be best stated as: Ron Hubbard is always right. Everything he has ever said or written is true. The worldview Ron has created cannot be disputed or questioned. Corollary Belief 3a: Since LRH is always right, I must always do only and exactly what he says. If I do what...
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    The Three Basic Scientology Beliefs - Belief #2

    Belief Two This can be best stated as: Only the Church of Scientology, by way of the materials of L. Ron Hubbard, possesses a workable, effective system and philosophy able to 1) bring true spiritual salvation, 2) bring sanity, and 3) solve all of society's problems. We have the loftiest goal...
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    The Three Basic Scientology Beliefs - Belief #1

    Belief One This can be best stated as: The future of every man, woman and child, for all eternity depends solely on what we accomplish realizing the goals of Scientology. If we fail we all will suffer and die for endless eternities. We will die horrible deaths over and over forever. The...
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    The Three Basic Scientology Beliefs - Introduction

    Introduction There are a few basic beliefs held by most Scientologists. But more importantly, these basic beliefs are always firmly held by senior Scientology organization staff members. Without understanding these basic beliefs, it is impossible to truly grasp the context within which the...
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    The Three Basic Scientology Beliefs - Preface

    Gadfly on ESMB posted this analysis back in 2009. In my opinion is one of the best analysis of the how the Scientology mindset is formed. I'm breaking it up into a few threads because it is lengthy. I hope you find it as helpful as I did when I first read it. The Three Basic Scientology Beliefs...
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    Registration -- Confirmation emails

    When you register a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. If you don't see the email shortly, check your email program's Junk or Spam folders. It may have been routed there. If you still can't find the confirmation email be sure you entered your email address...
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    More ESMB Smilies are coming soon...

    It takes a bit to add smilies. Each one has to be added individually and there are around 400 of the little buggers. So be patient and I'll get them all loaded asap :)
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    Rules 1. Treat others with respect. You are to respect every other user on the board despite any personal, religious and political differences. 2. One user account per person. The use of 2 or more posting accounts is prohibited. Using a proxy account (or sock puppet) to cause trouble will not...
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    Welcome to Ex Scientologist Message Board Redux

    Welcome to ESMB Redux. When Emma announced ESBM was closing for live posting, I contacted her about starting a new board. She (and her most generous anonymous donor) have helped me get this board setup for you all. I'm new to running a forum so I hope you will be patient as I figure out all...
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    What this board is and is not

    Emma early on in the life of ESMB, Emma posted this as her hope for what ESMB would be, This is also the hope for ESMB Redux. What this board is: A place where ex scientologists and interested general public can get together to discuss various experiences in Scientology. A place where where...