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  1. Karen#1

    Become The Best

    Excerpt: A new promo piece presents some interesting questions. Scientology is now trying to sell their ads as events that people need to see. This new 3 minute ad for training is a mixture of cartoon characters and real life actors with a twangy soundtrack. As with most of the centrally...
  2. Karen#1

    Oregonian newspaper names Scientology prep school best small employer in the state

    Excerpt: [The Delphian, Scientology’s Hogwarts] We want to thank the reader who made us aware that a newspaper we’ve long had a lot of respect for, the Oregonian, this week named Scientology’s pricey boarding school, Delphian, not only the best small business to work for in Oregon, but also...
  3. Karen#1

    Regraded Being

  4. Karen#1

    Scientology OT 8 and ‘STAND’ blogger who expressed anti-vax views dies of Covid

    Excerpt: Brian Duimovich was well known in the Camarillo area in Ventura County, California, where he owned a Mexican eatery a few years ago. But he lived most recently in Happy Valley, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, where he worked as a real estate agent and financial consultant. He was also...
  5. Karen#1

    Thursday Funnies

    Excerpt: If he is so successful… Maybe he could do a seminar for the staff of Columbus “ideal” org. Because they are failing miserably. So bad in fact that the majority of staff there are imported Sea Org members to try to give the appearance there is a going concern inside their new empty...
  6. Karen#1

    Scientology donor and promoter, OT 8 Greg Winteregg, fails his postulate

    Excerpt: OT 8 Scientologist and dentist Dr. Greg Winteregg died of a heart attack on July 13 in Palm Harbor, Florida. He was 66. We’re noting his death because at one time he was promoted by the church as a high-visibility Scientology success story. And as an OT 8, having reached the top of...
  7. Karen#1

    Scientology Celebrities — Where Are You?

    Excerpt: The recent article about Laura Prepon where she announced she had not been in scientology for 5 years made me wonder how many of the other scientology celebrities may be “out.” It’s pretty common in the scientology world for people to simply stop participating, without making any big...
  8. Karen#1

    Scientology and anti-vaxx, a marriage made in heaven?

    Excerpt: A month ago my disconnected Scientology OT 3 brother went to California with his wife to attend his son’s wedding. My brother and his wife are both strongly anti-vaxx. My other brother, a non-Scientologist and a medical doctor tried to convince our anti-vaxx brother before he left to...
  9. Karen#1

    A very brief note on Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri

    Excerpt: Short post today. 1. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise announced they were dating in April 2005. 2. Suri Cruise was born TWELVE MONTHS later, in April 2006. 3. Anyone who suggests that somehow the man Katie was dating before Tom, Chris Klein, fathered Suri either has a very poor...
  10. Karen#1

    An enchanting evening with GUY WHITE, Hubbard's son in law from his marriage to Suzette

    First a great dinner with Jeffrey and Guy. It was such a lovely evening with Guy~~a close Sea Org friend from the 1970s ! So much to talk about and update.
  11. Karen#1

    Episode 58: Nicole Norton & Becky Lovell Inside RA MA and the Guru Jagat

    Excerpt: Nicole Norton and Becky Lovell Nicole Norton and Becky Lovell are whistleblowers, exposing the abuses of the RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology and its leader Guru Jagat (Katie Griggs). The stories of abuse, money motivation and a culture of worship of the guru...
  12. Karen#1

    Eureka! Clearwater Scientology member sells quantum protection from 5G and Covid 19

    Excerpt: An actual email conversation, edited lightly only for clarity. The Bunker: We’re wondering if there’s some relationship between L. Ron Hubbard’s concept that “life is a static” and your description of hyperspace and quantum physics that you have at your website for ProtectPro...
  13. Karen#1

    Tom Cruise's special and extraordinary favors from tax free 501C 3 "Church" of Scientology

    Scientology is quick to attack members and ex members for *Unusual Favors" whereas they need to look in the mirror Examining the *special favors" given Tom Cruise by Sea Org Labor Tom Cruise has been treated like Royalty and has a permanent suite at St. Hill Manor. Sea Org members are ordered...
  14. Karen#1

    Scientology, Christianity and the IRS

    Excerpt: Reiterating something I have covered before on this Sunday morning. The idea that you can be a scientologist and a Christian is a lie, yet scientologists claim this all the time to try to appear "normal" or "non-threatening." You can see from the official IRS publication above listing...
  15. Karen#1

    Scientology wants you to take advantage of the CARES Act and donate to Dave while you can!

    Excerpt: Ah, Scientology and the Covid bailout programs. How often we’ve followed this bouncing ball in the last year. In July 2020 we pointed out that not only had three Scientology “orgs” received payroll bailout loans, but so had its drug rehab centers and some associated schools. Then, on...
  16. Karen#1

    Support Aaron Smith-Levin for Clearwater City Council --

    Dual post, Mike Rinder's posts are daily posted on Mike Rinder thread under BLOGGERS
  17. Karen#1

    How to Support Aaron Smith-Levin for Clearwater City Council

    Excerpt: Now that the campaign season is officially here, Aaron has a website:
  18. Karen#1

    How to Support Aaron Smith-Levin for Clearwater City Council

    Excerpt: Now that the campaign season is officially here, Aaron has a website:
  19. Karen#1

    VIDEO: Scientology turns to rock ‘n’ roll to save its soul, and you’re invited!

    Excerpt: We just can’t get enough of Scientology’s hype videos. Not only are they entertaining, they always get us amped for another off-the-hook party of pure theta fundraising! And speaking of fundraising, are you ready for a rock ‘n’ roll party that will raise enough money to make this...