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  1. Karen#1

    Become The Best

    Excerpt: A new promo piece presents some interesting questions. Scientology is now trying to sell their ads as events that people need to see. This new 3 minute ad for training is a mixture of cartoon characters and real life actors with a twangy soundtrack. As with most of the centrally...
  2. Karen#1

    Oregonian newspaper names Scientology prep school best small employer in the state

    Excerpt: [The Delphian, Scientology’s Hogwarts] We want to thank the reader who made us aware that a newspaper we’ve long had a lot of respect for, the Oregonian, this week named Scientology’s pricey boarding school, Delphian, not only the best small business to work for in Oregon, but also...
  3. Karen#1

    Another Scientology OT jumps from a tall building and proves gravity exists

    The Suicide of young Philip Gale hurling himself to concrete from the highest building in the MIT campus was a poignant tragedy. He was only 19 years old. He was quite a genius academically. Born and bred in a hard core SCN family, (His mother was a head honcho of CCHR) Philip was at Delphi...
  4. Karen#1

    Regraded Being

  5. Karen#1

    Scientology OT 8 and ‘STAND’ blogger who expressed anti-vax views dies of Covid

    Excerpt: Brian Duimovich was well known in the Camarillo area in Ventura County, California, where he owned a Mexican eatery a few years ago. But he lived most recently in Happy Valley, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, where he worked as a real estate agent and financial consultant. He was also...
  6. Karen#1

    Another Scientology OT jumps from a tall building and proves gravity exists

    I met Conrad at a get together of Indies and Ex-es at Louis Garcia's home in Southern Orange County. Conrad sent me his final letters to the cult before he killed himself. There was no hint of what he was planning or going to do. He was in Scientology 30 years and believed in it all. But after...
  7. Karen#1

    Another Scientology OT jumps from a tall building and proves gravity exists

    What are the odds of 2 Ex Scientologists jumping off THE SAME BRIDGE to kill themselves ? 6 years after the death of Steve Brackett, in 2017 Conrado Vico, 55, of Los Angeles, a former member of the Sea Organization, an elite Church of Scientology organization, died after jumping from the Bixby...
  8. Karen#1

    Another Scientology OT jumps from a tall building and proves gravity exists

    During the LRH death event at the Hollywood Palladium in 1986, Pat Broeker was WOWing the audience on the lifetime of research of Hubbard and how LRH needed to shed his body for higher level research. Then he added, there is also a write up for those dying or progressing towards terminal...
  9. Karen#1

    Another Scientology OT jumps from a tall building and proves gravity exists

    No journalist can please 100% of the population 100% of the time.
  10. Karen#1

    Another Scientology OT jumps from a tall building and proves gravity exists

    It is my opinion that we activists and whistleblowers are very LUCKY to have a Tony Ortega who relentlessly, no matter what fair game no matter what fair game on his wife and family acts like an Associated Press/Reuters ~~ our very own personal news hub.
  11. Karen#1

    Aaron Smith-Levin and his run for Office for Clearwater City Council

    Letter to Tampa Bay Times today =AZVVQEeivXQHtNFWfdYFgoVYZlL1m4EV0FAiXhbd8tFJe0TmM_97GOB56gUnJppnCEJ_VZURyAviksXqGCWsy2FuMFoSnxz5-3qpvA_92WjLOs118vyrzhaFSgCEZSHoGhph0mwGOYhdNpKYhcuq4IGlDwvqJIDdc-hRkCNu_V_QCg&__tn__=%3C%2CP-R']...
  12. Karen#1

    Thursday Funnies

    Excerpt: If he is so successful… Maybe he could do a seminar for the staff of Columbus “ideal” org. Because they are failing miserably. So bad in fact that the majority of staff there are imported Sea Org members to try to give the appearance there is a going concern inside their new empty...
  13. Karen#1

    Scientology donor and promoter, OT 8 Greg Winteregg, fails his postulate

    Excerpt: OT 8 Scientologist and dentist Dr. Greg Winteregg died of a heart attack on July 13 in Palm Harbor, Florida. He was 66. We’re noting his death because at one time he was promoted by the church as a high-visibility Scientology success story. And as an OT 8, having reached the top of...
  14. Karen#1

    Another Scientology OT jumps from a tall building and proves gravity exists

    The word ANOTHER in opening post The earlier one was the suicide of STEVEN BRACKETT (Fiance of Nancy Cartwright ~~voice of Bart Simpson of cartoon series "The Simpsons" Steve Brackett, OT 8 ..highest level possible in the cult, posing with David Miscavige killed himself hurling over a bridge...
  15. Karen#1

    Scientology Celebrities — Where Are You?

    Excerpt: The recent article about Laura Prepon where she announced she had not been in scientology for 5 years made me wonder how many of the other scientology celebrities may be “out.” It’s pretty common in the scientology world for people to simply stop participating, without making any big...
  16. Karen#1

    Scientology and anti-vaxx, a marriage made in heaven?

    Excerpt: A month ago my disconnected Scientology OT 3 brother went to California with his wife to attend his son’s wedding. My brother and his wife are both strongly anti-vaxx. My other brother, a non-Scientologist and a medical doctor tried to convince our anti-vaxx brother before he left to...
  17. Karen#1

    Tom Cruise - Top Sucker - The Sucker of All Suckers!!!

    Tom Cruise at Scientology's INT BASE counselling Marc Headley Description While Tom Cruise was being coached and trained to be a Scientology counselor, Marc Headley was selected to be his *guinea pig* as Marc calls it. In this episode Marc discusses his time with Tom and what the headquarters of...
  18. Karen#1

    A very brief note on Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri

    Excerpt: Short post today. 1. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise announced they were dating in April 2005. 2. Suri Cruise was born TWELVE MONTHS later, in April 2006. 3. Anyone who suggests that somehow the man Katie was dating before Tom, Chris Klein, fathered Suri either has a very poor...
  19. Karen#1


    The assignment of *Suppressive Person* declare is a major trophy and life-honored achievement. To be named as an enemy of the criminal cartel is a separation from EVIL. Suppressive Persons do wonderful things for others, have empathy for those losing loved ones, give of their own time to help...
  20. Karen#1

    An enchanting evening with GUY WHITE, Hubbard's son in law from his marriage to Suzette

    For those of you who missed it, this is Guy's magnificent interview (with rare images) with the Daily Mail...